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weed control

Use with natural weed controller or systemic herbicides.

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The sideswipe applicator

The original environmentally friendly hand-held liquid wipe-on applicator is easier than hoeing and safer than spraying; designed to apply natural weed controller or systemic herbicides only where you need them – on the weeds. Sideswipe’s patented design delivers just enough chemical to do the job, without the excessive drip problems of other hand-held applicators.

Why use the sideswipe

This unique tool can be used to eradicate weeds in your lawn or vegetable garden, around trees, shrubs or flowers and in your berry patch or orchard, with less weed control liquid and no danger of spray drift. The Sideswipe applicators have many unique features that make them superior to other delivery systems.

no drift or overspray

Kills only what you touch, no overspray. Usable on windy days; environmentally sound.

Works Everywhere

Convenient, easy to use in orchards, vineyards, gardens, lawns and more.

Saves cost of weed control

Durable - last for years. All parts are replaceable and available direct from manufacturer.

Made in the USA

Sidewsipe, Inc. is manufactured by Raymond & Dallerie Riesland in Tucson, Arizona.

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